Interim report

Kurfürstendamm 119, D10711 Berlin
Tuesday 22 April 2014

Your Drinks AG

(`Your Drinks AG` or ´The company´)
Interim report

Following an unexpectedly long start-up phase, we are pleased to be able to inform you that we have achieved various interim objectives. The product licence for China has been granted, a suitable producer for China is in place, and the processing contract has been signed by the contractual party, and is currently with our Chinese subsidiary undergoing the stamp procedure and will be concluded shortly.

The legal protection of the name is guaranteed. The Chinese subsidiary has been founded and the initial capital deposited. According to information from the ingredients supplier, we have been granted the CIQ certificates for the recipes for our Regular, Cola and Green Apple products. We are required to produce on-site, exclusively for mainland China. Here, Your Drinks AG will negotiate with various parties in regarding the initial commercial deals as soon as production becomes possible at the end of May. The corporate office for China has been opened in Shanghai. In Hong Kong, Mad Croc has been listed within the electronic system of a trading partner, and, in accordance with the regulations that apply in Hong Kong, production will take place in Europe.
Your Drinks AG has managed to come to a spoken agreement with the owner of the brand regarding the sale of Mad Croc products in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. Your Drinks AG shall receive exclusive on-site support from the owner and is thus able to acquire knowledge and experience of the Asian market within a test market environment. In the Netherlands and Austria there are now a large number of points of sale. Through the use of the company’s own sales representatives and personnel, we expect a rapid increase in turnover.
In relation to the statutory regulations regarding deposits for cans (German Packaging Ordinance) we can initially only offer our cacao and coffee milk products in Germany. Your Drinks AG is currently working on establishing the conditions for the fulfilment of the regulations regarding can deposits so that all of the seven other products can also be sold there. The cacao and coffee milk products are currently in the test phase and are available from a wholesaler in the Frankfurt area. Your Drinks AG is providing support with marketing and promotion. There are also points of sale in Austria and the Netherlands.
After many years without producing revenue, Your Drinks AG is delighted that the company has managed to make a real start, and is convinced that the revenue figures for the ongoing business year can be increased considerably. Your Drinks AG is receiving extremely helpful support from the principal shareholder, Opportunity Investment Management Plc, within both a financial and a commercial context.
For further information, contact:
Rainer Bartsch-Pago, Director of Your Drinks AG +49 (0)30 8 90 21 180

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